Pastry Commis Chef

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Job Ref.: 
Job Location: 
London SE1
Recruiting For: 
a full time job position
Job Duration: 
Exact Salary: 
£22,440.00 per annum (total of basic and Tronc)
Salary and Benefits: 

Working hours: 48hr a week over 5 days includes weekends

Number of vacancies: 
I would like to receive applications from residents in: 
Lambeth and Southwark
Job Description: 

Position:                                 Pastry Commis Chef

Department:                           Pastry Kitchen

Responsible to:                     Pastry Head Chef, Pastry Senior Sous Chef, Pastry Sous Chef,

                                                Pastry SCP, Pastry CDP, Pastry Demi CDP


Primary Objectives of Position Summary

To contribute to the production of the highest possible food quality in the delegated section at all times, and to coordinate and be responsible for staff in the delegated section. All production is carried out in line with appropriate food portion control, the departmental business plan, and aqua London guidelines, and service concepts.


Primary Duties

  • Prepares and properly garnishes all pastry orders as they are received in accordance with menu specifications, ensuring proper plate presentation
  • Prepares all pastry kitchen dishes; controls the positioning and rotation of foods and ensures proper plate presentation
  • Adheres to aqua standards of food quality, preparation, recipes, presentation and Sets up “mise-en-place” for service
  • Works with the pastry chefs in the kitchen to ensure seasoning, portions, and appearance of food
  • Stores unused food properly
  • Follows proper safety, hygiene, and sanitation practices
  • To carry out any other duties as directed by your pastry senior chef and the exec chef.
  • Maintains an exact record of preparation, cooking and presentation specifications of all dishes produced in the section in a file which is kept at the section at all times for reference
  • Knows how to follow applicable laws regarding food safety and sanitation
  • To ensure that your food cooked in the restaurant kitchen is the standard that the exec chef has set
  • Assures proper safety, hygiene and sanitation practices are followed
  • Ensure cleaning checklist is signed off on a daily basis.


To ensure that in the kitchen:

  1. You are set up for service
  2. Your food items have been labeled and dated.
  3. Your mise en place sheets are done at the end of the night
  4. Your food items are covered and re-stocked at the end of the night
  5. The kitchen is kept clean and tidy at all times
  6. Actively participate to ensure that Staff Handbook is adhered to at all times.


General Duties

  • Attend any meeting or training session as required by Management
  • Maintains a safe and hygienic work environment
  • Is conversant with:
    • Fire and health and safety procedures
    • Security procedures
    • Facilities
    • Licensing regulations
    • Operation standards and departmental procedures

Please note that your job description is not exhaustive of tasks and duties, but serves a guideline for daily duties, which may change from time to time.


To Apply:

Forward your up to date CV 

To apply for this job please email us a cover letter and your most up-to-date CV.

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