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London SE1
Recruiting For: 
a part time job position
Exact Salary: 
£10.55 per hour
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I would like to receive applications from residents in: 
Lambeth and Southwark
Job Description: 


WeAreWaterloo BID is looking for a part-time gardener to lead a daily hands-on approach to tend to WAW’s green infrastructure. Daily tasks will vary and the candidate will have the drive and passion to maintain 2 small “pocket parks” and 100 planters of various sizes situated throughout the Waterloo neighborhood.

The gardener will need a basic understanding of gardening and will be guided and taught by the WeAreWaterloo Horticultural Consultant.

To begin, two 8-hour days per week are required with a view to potentially increase the number of hours in the near future.


Working hours: 16 hrs per week


Day to day tasks and knowledge requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of correct watering/feeding - ensuring all greenery is sufficiently watered, healthy and litter-free
  • Able to perform basic maintenance such as managing weed control and leaf raking
  • Dealing with overgrown plants
  • Deadheading and replacing damaged plants
  • Periodic touch-up of the various barrel planters paint-work
  • Good understanding of the English language
  • Can work in a safe and responsible manner at all times
  • Reports major issues to the HC or the WAW Operations and Services Manager
  • Should have a genuine interest in gardening and be enthusiastic about the role


To Apply

Please forward your CV to

Person specification and Experience required: 
To apply for this job please email us a cover letter and your most up-to-date CV.

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