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London Bridge
Recruiting For: 
a part time job position
Job Duration: 
Exact Salary: 
£10 p/hour
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Job starts now: 
I would like to receive applications from: 
Lambeth and Southwark
Job Description: 

London Bridge - The Area

London Bridge has been a commercial dynamo for centuries and is today home to a community of businesses that range from multi-nationals to art galleries and seats of government. It is, in short, one of the world’s most notable places to do business. 

It is a thriving commercial hub and destination. More than 50,000 workers access the 350 plus businesses located here, while London Bridge Station accommodates in excess of 200,000 travellers a day. Some 3000 residents call London Bridge home, and it has over 5 million visitors a year taking in the sights.

Premises Officers are required to work on a casual, self-employed basis in the London Bridge Area. 

The nature of this job is by appointment only as it requires flexible working arrangements in accordance with the use of the premises outside of normal hours (late week days and weekends). The candidate must also be prepared to be contacted at home in the event of an emergency; preference will therefore be given to candidates who live local to the London Bridge area.

The successful applicant must be able to work with minimal supervision, having a good understanding of events catering and facility management. The work involves manual handling and may involve medium exertion.

Before the event (set-up)

  • Unlock the building
  • Set up the room (chairs and table) according to specified layout
  • Set up the teas and coffees table
  • Check toilets are in good condition (plenty of toilet paper rolls on hand)
  • Meet client, show them the facility, answer any questions
  • Check projector works with client’s laptop

After the event (de-rig)

  • Clear the teas and coffee table
  • Clear the room (chairs and tables) and switch off projector
  • Check that the space, equipment and furniture are in good order before client leaves
  • Lock up the building and set the alarm 
Person specification and Experience required: 


•             Enthusiastic, energetic and practical

•             Able to work under minimum supervision

•             Available for flexible working hours on ad-hoc requests

•             Physically capable of carrying out all the range of task associated with this post


•             Previous Caretaking Experience of caretaking duties, roles and responsibilities.

•             Knowledge and experience of Facility Management or client facing roles.


Please note we will require 2 references


To apply for this job please email us a cover letter and your most up-to-date CV.

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