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a full time job position
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Exact Salary: 
£20,347 per annum paid during training
Salary and Benefits: 


£20,347 per annum paid during training rising to £30,370 per annum after qualifying plus £1,998 regional allowance.

Shift Pattern:

Average of 42 hours per week working a mixture of early and late shifts across 7 days. 

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Lambeth and Southwark
Job Description: 

You will be a key member of staff whose role in the customer’s journey is of prime importance. You will be expected to provide the highest level of customer service and deliver travel information, a feeling of safety, security and welcome to all our customers all the time.  We expect our guards to be visible at all times and to be on hand to make the difference to our customers.

Your duties fall into two main categories - customer service and operational. It is an environment in which you will sometimes be working under pressure, when demands on you will be coming “thick and fast”. As you would expect, it is particularly important to promote the maximum customer goodwill with high standards of courtesy and service.

You will be responsible for the safety of passengers on your train, working in accordance with rules, regulations and instructions currently in force, and make sure that, as far as is possible the trains run to time, and any unavoidable delay is prevented.

Principal Accountabilities:

Make sure that as far as is possible the trains run to time and any unavoidable delay is prevented, with particular attention to the safe and punctual dispatch of trains at stations.

Monitor customers getting on and off your train, helping as appropriate those with special needs, e.g. the elderly, disabled and those with children or heavy luggage.

Answer enquires as necessary and make quality public announcements using your On Train Manual, or other information provided, according to the needs of the journey. Operate electronic information systems when these are provided.

Constantly walk your train to ensure passenger comfort and security is maintained by taking the initiative in dealing with overcrowding, unauthorised First Class travel, instances of feet on seats, smoking, noisy personal stereos and suspect packages.

Provide all possible assistance to customers when trains are delayed, arranging for urgent messages from customers to be forwarded, where practicable.

Carry out “train customer counts” as required.

Ensure validity of all Rules, Notices and Retail circulars and publications, which may affect your working environment or product knowledge.

Check equipment, cleanliness and general environment of trains and take action by correcting or reporting any faults promptly through the appropriate channels.

Ensure performance records are maintained.

Safety Responsibilities:

Take reasonable care of your own health and safety and that of any person who may be affected by your acts or omissions at work;

Carry out any work in accordance with any training, instruction, or company procedure that is relevant to your position;

Inform your manager of any health and safety problems identified by yourself or identified to you by your staff or any other person; 

Use any safety equipment provided by SWR in a proper and appropriate manner

Make sure you are familiar with, understand and discharge to the best of your ability the specific safety responsibilities associated with your post and any other safety responsibilities allocated to you, from time to time and in writing, by your manager.

Comply with the Rules as defined in Network Rail Group Standard, SWR Employee Handbook, other Regulations and Instructions, Group Standards and Legislation, undertaking bi-annual re-examination of competency.

Ensure the safety of passengers on your train.

Give the driver any necessary instructions to do with the safe working of trains.

Communicate effectively with and helping staff and customers in the interests of safety and customer service.

Carry out emergency procedures when required.

Report any irregularities, faults or unusual occurrences in the prescribed manner, maintaining a written record.

Participate in staff briefings to ensure you are informed of all relevant information.

Examine all notices, publications and instructions and making sure that any relevant information is passes on and briefed to staff under your control.

Additional Activities:

Additional tasks as specified by Local Manager.

Principle accountabilities may differ from Depot to Depot and you will be required to sign a formal job description.

As part of your training you will be required to complete NVQ assessments 


Minimum Requirements:

Applicants must reach the required health and fitness standards as this position is classified as safety critical.

Applicants must be over 18 years of age. 

Candidates must be able to meet start times of early shifts so own transport is preferable or realistic use of public transport.


CLOSING DATE: 28th February 2018

To apply for this job please email us a cover letter and your most up-to-date CV.

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