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Benefits of participating

Employ SE1 offers local employers the opportunity to put back into their community by supporting local residents. In return, employers benefit from:

  • free, efficient and reliable recruitment service
  • help to find the right person for the job
  • ongoing support for both employer and employee

Employing locally is great for the local unemployed population and great for businesses too from both a responsible business perspective and a practical perspective. Travel time for local employees is reduced to and from work, reducing the likelihood of delays. Local employees will also have a lot of local knowledge about the area and the community, which could be of great benefit to many businesses.

Please read the Employers' Accord document in full prior to registering your business. The Employers' Accord outlines the terms and conditions that you have agreed to as part of your business’s registration.

  1. We agree and commit to offering equal access to vacancies of work experience placements, full or part-time employment, or apprenticeships (whichever is appropriate) within our organisation to appropriate candidates from Southwark and Lambeth.
  2. We agree and commit to working with the recruitment services provided by EmploySE1, to identify candidates for the appropriate opportunities.
  3. We agree and commit to assisting EmploySE1 with their monitoring requirements by providing comprehensive feedback on shortlisted or interviewed candidates.
  4. We agree and commit to the appropriate use of the EmploySE1 web portal.
  5. We agree and commit to providing up to date information on vacancies posted on the EmploySE1 Web portal and accept full responsibility to notify the EmploySE1 Team when vacancies are filled and therefore no longer available to new applicants.
  6. We agree that EmploySE1 reserves the right to withdraw our registration to the EmploySE1 recruitment service if it is deemed that there has been inappropriate use of EmploySE1’s services in part or in full.

If you require any additional information regarding the Employers' Accord or have any questions about signing up to the Employers' Accord, please contact the EmploySE1 Team.

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