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The EmploySE1 Charter Mark

If you are a local, free-to-the-employer, employment agency, we invite you to sign up to The EmploySE1 Charter Mark. It gives your agency access to new employment opportunities within the rich diversity and growing economic sectors in the three BID areas in London SE1.

Please read the Charter Mark document in full prior to registering your agency details. The Charter Mark outlines the terms and conditions that you have agreed to as part of your agency’s registration as an EmploySE1 Partner Agency.

  1. We commit to working with the three Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and with Southwark and Lambeth Council to get more Southwark/Lambeth residents into jobs, work experience placements and apprenticeships with BID member businesses.
  2. When responding to opportunities, we will only recommend candidates who closely fit the person specification provided by the employer.
  3. We will ensure that candidates for opportunities are fully briefed on:
    a) The nature of the opportunity and job description for the vacancy
    b) The hours, salary and other relevant information that will prepare them for the interview
    c) The appropriate attire for the interview
  4. We will support candidates to present themselves as accurately and effectively as possible, and give candidates the best possible chance of securing interviews.
  5. We will not recommend (and/or despatch CVs for) more candidates than the maximum number requested by the employer from any single agency.
  6. We will not initiate contact with any Members signed to EmploySE1’s Employer Accord, unless specifically invited to do so by EmploySE1, or the contact has been requested by the EmploySE1 Employer Accord Member themselves.
  7. We commit to assisting the BIDs in their monitoring and evaluation of all transactions related to the above opportunities.
  8. We commit to providing information to EmploySE1, regarding EmploySE1’s notified vacancies as follows:
    a) Provide the number of candidate CVs forwarded for EmploySE1’s notified vacancies,
    b) Provide the number of candidate interviews undertaken for EmploySE1’s notified vacancies,
    c) Provide the number of candidate’s successfully placed with EmploySE1 employers, in response to EmploySE1’s notified vacancies.
  9. We will not share the log-in details for the BIDs web portal with any parties beyond our agency.
  10. We will endeavour to attend the quarterly briefing meetings of the Employer Accord members as well as the annual awards event.

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